Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman is a generalist in an age of specialists, a systems thinker with high originality and a wide-ranging top-down perspective on individual, organisational and societal behaviour which he has applied in a variety of contexts.  He has 30 years experience with major organisations such as Hasbro, BAA, Calor Gas, Vodafone and O2 and is author of books on Finance and on the Science of Consciousness.  Now using his acknowledged expertise in Integral and Spiral Dynamics approaches, he specialises in organisational development, leadership mentoring and the creation of training programs.

Jon holds an MA from Oxford University, is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP), a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (MRSA) and a member of the Institute of Directors.   For further information please see

Jon’s recent book, “Reinventing Capitalism” is now available for download or can be purchased here.  This book examines the nature of economic systems and the changes required in both our personal relationship to money, in our collective thinking and in the financial systems we have

Reinventing Capitalismbuilt.    Further details on these books are available from

A new book titled “Conscious! : The Science of Possibility” is in preparation for publication in December 2012.  Dealing comprehensively and scientifically with the nature of scientific thinking and the gaps in thinking and methodology which prevent it from addressing consciousness, spiritual experience and alternative health either honestly or coherently, it presents a ground-breaking view of how the world really works.  This opens up new realms of possibility, jettisons the materialist baggage of the 20th Century and assists humanity into a 2nd tier world.

Jon is also available for talks and workshops on these and related subjects.

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