Rachel Castagne

Rachel Facilitating personal development and collective emergence are two of Rachel’s primary passions. Currently working as a coach and bodyworker, Rachel has facilitated trainings that develop and integrate the potential possibilities and latent resources within individuals and groups. In addition to working closely with others using a multi-modality approach that includes intuitive bodywork and spiritual practice as well as the creative and healing arts, Rachel has served in the capacity of facilitator for Community Building in Britain (CBiB) and is currently a trainer for Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) certification courses.

Whether enacting design principles through integral practice, creating beauty or holding space for healing to occur, Rachel is known for the valuable inner resources that she brings to facilitate authentic connection and radically honest engagement. At both a personal and group level she enables and supports others to mediate their internal and external worlds. Rachel’s intention of nurturing a presence and skillful engagement with others is to free up energy within them that has been trapped, enabling clients and colleagues to emerge more aware, creative and competent. Infusing her endeavors with a whole-hearted attention that is open, fresh and mindful, Rachel is dedicated to co-creating and embodying, along with other local and global players, the inspirational vision and cultural stories that might take the UK and the world where it needs to go next.


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