Developing Society

Human societies have become visibly more complex over the decades. Our communities operate according to a range of demands, economic, social, educational and environmental within which ever-higher aspirations need to be balanced.  This complexity has no precedent in human history and challenges our ability to manage and solve problems. There are no tried and tested solutions.

As Einstein said, “we cannot solve problems by staying within the thinking systems that created them”.  The systematic knowledge which Clare W. Graves developed predicts this course of events and explains why such complexities were inevitable.  This knowledge provides us with a map that enables us to step up to the level required to deal with these challenges.   Using approaches such as “flex-flow” design and “meshwork solutions®” Spiral Dynamics can help you find the capability to help solve problems at every level and scale of society.

If you have a project in mind to help your community emerge then we have both the skills and expertise to assist you. Projects of all size make a difference;  if you want to better understand the key issues around preventing litter in your community centre or you want to design a new health facility geared to the needs of your community, we are here to provide proven tools for societal change and experienced support

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