SDi Fundamentals Certification training

This course is the Foundation of all SDi practice – the entry point to this extraordinary and powerful system for understanding human dynamics. From the individual to the large-scale shifts of countries and cultures you will gain insights into how humanity changes, and why. This knowledge will empower you in all areas of your life – work, community, relationships, personal development – and provide you with the tools to help others.

Our next Level 1 Fundamentals training is scheduled for February 3rd to 5th 2017.  It will be presented by Jon Freeman and Rachel Castagne.

The venue is in central London.

Please click SDi L1 Information to download a pdf with more details

SDi 2 Practitioner training:

Organisational change and development

Our next Level 2 Organisatonal and Leadership Development training is scheduled for March 3rd to 5th 2017.  It will be presented by Jon Freeman.

Spiral Dynamics has proven to be an effective model and process for organisational design as it handles increasing diversity and complexity.  The Spiral Dynamics model makes internal processes transparent and offers tools for effective change management. Spiral Dynamics maps the situation of an organization or society with active value systems, its willingness and ability to change, priorities and thinking patterns. In this way, more made more insight can be gained into complex problems and interventions become more focused and effective.

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