Newsletter March 2011

The sense of turbulence and change in the world continues apace.   When we last wrote in December, who would have foreseen the events along the North African coast?   Who would care to predict how this will progress in other Middle-East states.   Financially there is no sign that the fragility of our current circumstances has resolved positively.  The coalition continues to pursue its Big Society agenda, which may well have some second-tier thinking in it, but appears to lack any knowledge of how to deliver that kind of transition.

Lately I have been talking to a County Council which is typical in the challenges it faces, desperately downsizing, and simultaneously at a loss as to how it will lead the change that is demanded of it.     The two main items in this newsletter continue the efforts we in CHE are making to increase capacity to respond to these challenges.  Very soon we intend to release a larger series of offerings, outside of the ”SDi certification” framework.   While the Graves model continues to be present at the core of what we do, our focus is shifting more and more into the practical steps, and the toolkits that we see as supporting the transition into second-tier existence.      Keep spiralling on!   

Jon, Ian and Rachel        

Practitioner Training in Organisational Change  

We have given a great deal of attention to our understanding of the needs that we are required to meet, and to the full breadth and depth of what practitioners will need to know in order to support change, whether from within or as consultants.  We are very excited with the results of these extended conversations and keen to share the results.   We believe that many people recognise the need for major organisational change, but don’t know what to change or how.  They may even know where the organisation needs to be, but not how to get there. Some pieces of the puzzle are there, but some are missing. As the Native American teacher Sun Bear once said, “I am not interested in a philosophy unless it helps me to grow corn.”  Sometimes people tell us that SDi is a fascinating theory, but they don’t understand how to DO anything with it.  We are determined to show how SDi can be applied. 

In three days, we will teach you:-

  • How to look at both the “as is” and the “to be” of the organisation
  • The view of the organisation through the Integral 4-quadrant lens
  • To detect  if the necessary conditions for change are present
  • The understanding of leadership – who should lead whom to do what, using what tools?
  • To differentiate between the Operational processes, the Support systems and the Dynamic Steering (“X, Y and Z” templates) in the organisation
  • What is required to reconstruct each of these
  • How to use SDi Values to map individuals to roles and functions within the templates
  • Who should communicate what to whom, using what channels in what way?
  • An overview of leadership development – what are the demands on the new leaders and how do they develop the emotional and spiritual intelligence that they need

Practitioners will need to be able to develop the sustainability and relevance of organisations, the new cultures for our complex futures.  SDi provides a route-map and the flexible, responsive, meshworked approaches.  Along the way, depending on where we are in the journey, there are other toolkits that are of use and we will introduce these and explain where they fit.  Among these are Polarity Management, Adizes Lifecycle, U-theory, World Café and Open Space, Holacracy, Resonant Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence.

  We will run this training in Hammersmith, London this coming May 12th to 14th.   The full training cost is £695.  You can reduce this by taking advantage of the substantial early-bird discount, ad there are group and couples prices available.      

Fuller details can be found at

Our capacity to offer concessionary places is limited and dependent on numbers, but please feel free to e-mail Jon for details. Level 1 Certification in Spiral Dynamics Integral is a pre-requisite for this Level 2 training.   A Level 1 certification training will take place on May 9th to 11th.  There is a special price for the two trainings when taken together.

Please note that in the autumn we anticipate a further Practitioner training which may be in Leadership Development or Personal Development.  Your requests could influence our choice.   Please let us know your interests.  

Spiritual Intelligence Assessment and Coaching

  In our last Newsletter we gave a heads-up on our intention to work closely with Cindy Wigglesworth and her company Deep Change.  Cindy has developed a Spiritual Intelligence profiling assessment and coaching methodology.  We are really pleased to be launching this in the UK within the CHE “umbrella”.    This methodology has very strong Integral Theory underpinning its design, and has been academically validated, including an assessment of its correlation with Values development as assessed within the spiral, where score increases correlate at the 99% level beween the two models.  So it is highly compatible with the core of SDi that is at the heart of CHE.     At the end of May (27th to 30th), Cindy will lead a training to certify individuals in the use of the assessment and the coaching approach.  Please note that this is not a training in coaching skills.  This training is therefore intended for existing coaches, or for those who will pursue other coaching skills development.   Further information about the DeepChange approach can be found at the website.  You can sign up for the Deepchange newsletter here.   Join the Deep Change newsletter

Details of Cindy’s London talk (May 25th) and of the Amsterdam and Berlin presentations (anticipated 21st and 23rd) will be published there.   This link SQi Certification Event takes you to full event details and to the booking process   If you would like to hear Cindy describe her work, you can download the free teleseminar 

  Jon has also written about Spiritual Intelligence in a recent blog, which can be found on the right of the page in “articles”        

With best wishes to all, Rachel, Ian and Jon.

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