Creating successful, coherent, productive, happy organisations has long been a challenge.   Burgeoning regulation, intensifying economic pressures, increasing aspirations for individual employee fulfilment, sustainability challenges and social responsibility demands, accommodating multiple and complex skill-bases with differing internal agendas, providing satisfaction to supplier and customer / client stakeholders – all these pressures must now be met while satisfying targets of shareholder profit or target-driven public agendas.

Accelerating complexity compounded by urgency demands the highest levels of sophistication from management and leadership.  Solutions from the past which addressed just one of these pressures, sometimes at the expense of the others, are no longer adequate.   Shifting an organisation into the complexity and flexibility of thinking that can thrive in the modern world takes the most advanced and comprehensive of thinking systems together with leading-edge tools for facilitation and decision-making.    Spiral Dynamics Integral and Meshworks Solutions® provide the systems and tool-sets to transform your organisation to thrive in todays’ world and be ready for tomorrow’s.

We would like to hear from you if you have a project which you think would benefit from a different way of thinking.  We can offer support at different levels ranging from provision of support packs and training for team leaders through to hands-on consultancy and mentoring.

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