Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

By Ian McDonald

A 45 page guide to Spiral Dynamics written as an Introduction
for anybody wishing to know more about the subject.
It is available as both an E-Book, sent to you by Email and as a
printed and comb-bound 45 page A4 book rich in colour illustrations.

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This book is our road map for the journey back into a sane and  sustainable relationship with finance.  Our way of thinking about money has become one of the major constraints to human development.   “Future Money” looks at how and why we got into difficulty, and explains in clear and simple terms why we have to change our wonky beliefs about money and the systems they have built.

Our economic system reflects some basic misunderstandings about the world.    Our fear of scarcity and our belief in competition have led to greed and exploitation. They have turned our healthy urge to improve into desire for power over others and over nature.  Most recently we came to believe that money was real, that we can “make” money, that there is a free lunch which comes from selling pieces of paper to one another.  This book explodes that fantasy.

Instead of ensuring that the money serves us, we have run the systems in ways that serve the money.  This is not making us happy.  Our systems do not embody our impulses to co-operate, to care or to cherish the natural world.  They are out of touch with the reality of the material world, mean-spirited and unable to distinguish price from value.     As a result we live on the edge, not just economically but in relation to our unresolved resource challenges, climatic instability and political insecurity.  We need systems that achieve the essential goals of financial stability, integrity, sustainable planetary management and reduction in political conflict.  We have to put money in its proper place as a tool that we use.   This requires us to end its hold over our emotions.

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Some scientists have been publicly critical of religious belief, spiritual experience and complementary healing practices, claiming that they all lack any scientific basis. In response, “God’s Ecology” provides an understandable and comprehensive science of the non-material world, supported by proven leading-edge research and theory. It presents experimental evidence validating psychic events, plant communication and homeopathic medicine which give us fresh eyes on the nature of reality, perception and intuitive knowing. It offers a groundbreaking perception of our biology and evolution. Its Spiral motif extends through Spiral Dynamics into an understanding of how we collectively create reality. In a personal and readable style its integral mix of data, story and theory end the false choice between scientific knowledge and religious experience. It empowers and inspires us towards our future – a co-creative spiral of conscious evolution where we may all become who we truly are.

God’s Ecology Book
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